Educator Card and Educator Collection Policy

Tuscarawas County Public Library Educator Card and Educator Collection Policy

Please use this policy when planning and requesting an Educator Collection and for answering questions about the privileges associated with your Educator Card.

  1. Persons eligible to apply for an Educator Card include public, private and parochial school teachers and administrators; home educators, daycare and preschool instructors.
  2. Proof of educator status in the form of a current paycheck stub from your place of employment or a copy of your current Home Education Letter of Intent or Excusal from Compulsory Attendance Form is needed to obtain an educator card. In the absence of any of these, enrollment status or confirmation of curriculum will be accepted.
  3. Educator Cards are to be used to check out items for professional use only. Materials for personal use are not to be checked out on Educator Cards.
  4. Any materials checked out on an Educator Card that are lost or damaged are the financial responsibility of the cardholder.
  5. With an Educator Card most materials will check out for an extended loan period of four weeks.
  6. No fines are assessed for overdue materials checked out on Educator Cards, however, items checked out on an Educator Card may not be renewed. Persons with more than nine (9) overdue items on an Educator Card will not be able to use that card.
  7. Please give at least two weeks’ notice to prepare the items needed. Plan to request each collection individually and as needed. In other words, please do not place requests for the entire year or for several months.
  8. The number of items that may be checked out on an Educator Card is five hundred (500). The maximum number of items for one Educator Collection is twenty-five (25).
  9. A prepared collection will be held for one week after the indicated pickup date. After one week, the materials will be re-shelved.
  10. Based on the demands of our collection at the time of check out, the library reserves the right to limit the number of items checked out on an Educator Card on any topic.

Approved by the Tuscarawas County Public Library Board of Trustees 05/20/2019