Core Values

 The Tuscarawas County Public Library System holds the following values to be at the heart of all it does:

  1. Community
    We are an engaged community partner, committed to collaborating with others in an effort to enhance and strengthen the lives of all community members.
  2. Customer Service
    We are customer-focused and deliver positive experiences with kindness, respect, and integrity.
  3. Freedom to Know
    We provide free and equal access to library resources. We respect the freedom to read and support the open exchange of information and ideas that represent multiple points of view.
  4. Good Stewardship
    We respect the public trust through effective fiscal management, responsive leadership, and efficient operations.
  5. Inclusion
    We welcome and engage everyone. We believe a library is a place where all should feel they belong.
  6. Innovation
    We take risks, embrace change, and look for opportunities to say yes. We evaluate and continually improve.
  7. Teamwork
    We maintain open lines of communication and trust each other. We believe that through teamwork we each achieve more, our customers are better served, and our organization prospers.