Winning Entries for Poetry Contest

Winning Entries

OVERALL WINNER: I Hope by Steven Shroyer 

I hope

When this is over

When everything opens up

When children play on playgrounds

When buddies can enjoy a beer and a first down

When we can check out books

And watch movies in a theater

That we remember those dark days

Remember the fallen

Remember those who were deemed essential

That kept the motor of the world turning

And we see the world with new eyes

That we see each other as a part

Of a family

That we’re on this spinning ball for a short time

That from the ashes of this event

Like a wildfire that spared none

That a bud of a new plant grows

A plant called fellowship

That spreads its seeds all over this land

That we learn to love

That we learn to laugh

To see the world as a place worth fighting for

I see this happening


Not just in times of crisis

I look under rocks of doubt and fear

And I see the beauty of this world

I didn’t need a virus to make me see this

But maybe it will make others see

And because of this

I never lose hope



How can we endure this plague that is sweeping us away?

Over the land, people must take time to pray

Protection, prevention, social distancing is the scope

Emerging from this crisis is our nation’s hope


TEEN WINNER: Hoping by Brooke Bauer

The jet black clouds are releasing all of the rain. Our hearts are overflowing with sorrow and much pain.

But maybe later, I’ll come across a gorgeous rainbow. And I’ll hug my relatives again whenever they are able to show.

My school has been empty and is taking a lengthened break. And I’m not there to sing to my friend or eat her birthday cake.

But later in the fall, I might learn, next to a familiar face or two. And the year we all turn older ages, birthdays won’t be so blue.

Perhaps these things are temporary and will soon leave sight. And my prayers will come true; the ones I send to Him at night.


TWEEN WINNER: When Hope is Lost by Madison Burkholder

Hope is a thing that can be lost

Hope is a thing that can be found

Hope is a thing that can be lost when negativity is around

But together we stand tall

We will help each other through it all

And we will rise to the challenge

Of the silent war.


JUNIOR WINNER: Hope by Claire Miller

I hope this Coronavirus will go away,

I do not want it to stay.

I also hope we make it all the way through,

You probably hope that too.


Jesus is giving me hope,

Which is certainly how I can cope.

Whenever He looks down on me,

I always feel light and free.


I know He will save us all,

On His name, we shall call.

He will rise upon us,

So, we do not need to fuss.


The Coronavirus is supposed to go away,

But instead, it seems it wants to stay.

I am trying my best to ignore it,

While completing my schoolwork packet.


I am not giving up on softball,

I do not just want to sit, sit, sit!

Once this virus is gone,

I will hit, hit, hit!


We are all in this together,

Let’s all stay home and make COVID-19 float away

on the wind like a feather.